In this workshop, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz will share some research and improvisation tools produced in their creative processes as choreographers. They are based on the use of the word as ductile matter, the name as a form of presentation of the gesture and the voice as the surplus in the transfer between bodies.

The session starts by activating the perception of the entire body, then going through the search of movements with the progressive involvement of the voice and text, until reaching the procedure of improvisation, based on the ideas of repetition and transformation.

Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz have collaborated since 2006. Their works are based on movement and gesture, and their research questions the limits of language and representation.

In these ten years of collaboration, they have released around fifteen works in 17 different countries. Since the beginning of their collaboration, they have organised workshops and classes for professionals and amateurs in Portugal and abroad.

Their growing interest in forms of sharing and reflection between couples led them to organize several residences and meetings between artists since 2012, among them Aware, which took place at the Alkantara Festival.

They have collaborated with other choreographers, visual artists and theatre directors such as Catarina Dias, Lara Torres, Marco Martins, Clara Andermatt, Mark Tompkins, Gonçalo Waddington/Carla Maciel, Tim Etchells and Tiago Rodrigues.



This workshop is aimed at those interested in stage acting a desire to experiment with improvisation techniques.

Registration requires a letter of motivation and a one-page description of the professional profile to be sent to

Registration is free, subject to evaluation of the profile and motivation letter.

Capacity: 15 vacancies.

Deadline for submission of applications: January 12, 2018. 15:00 h.

Confirmation of acceptance: January 18, 2018.