When these two Italian artists discover the book report by Mariusz Szczygieł entitled Gottland, they cannot believe it. The book tells the story of a Polish woman, Janina Turek, who for over fifty years wrote down in a notebook absolutely everything that happened to her in her daily life. Calls made and received (38,196), where and to whom she bade good morning (23,397), how many dates she’s had (1,922), how many gifts she made, to whom and of what kind (5,817) as well as many other seemingly useless data. All this is contained in 748 notebooks found after her death and of which nobody knew anything.

This life helps the artists think about art, pain, politics and today’s world. Sometimes, miracles occur on stage. The encounter of Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini is one such miracle. Between them, they have created a language on the verge of the scenic and the choreographic, with subtle and political pieces, full of poetry, fantasy and a unique, unrepeatable humour.

Cast & Crew

Based on the report by Mariusz Szczygieł Reality translated by Marzena Borejczuk, Nottetempo 2011.

Dramaturgy, direction and performance: Daria Deflorian & Antonio Tagliarini.

Lighting design: Gianni Staropoli.

Technical direction: Giulia Pastore.

Collaborating artist: Marzena Borejczuk.

International distribution: Francesca Corona.

Manager: Anna Damiani.

Production:  A.D.

Co-production: Festival Inequilibrio/Armunia, ZTL-Pro and  sponsored by Provincia di Roma and Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali.

Collaborators: Fondazione Romaeuropa and Teatro di Roma.

Residences:  Festival Inequilibrio/Armunia, Ruota Libera/Centrale Preneste Teatro, Dom Kultury Podgórze with the collaboration of the Istituto Polacco di Roma, Nottetempo, Kataklisma/Nuovo Critico, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Cracovia and Dom Kultury  Podgórze.

Acknowledgments:  Janusz Jarecki, Iwona Wernikowska, Melania Tutak, Magdalena Ujma, Jaro Gawlik and especially to Ewa Janeczek.


June, 2014. La Colline – Théâtre National. FestivalFace à face, Paris. France.