Where did we have to arrive?/What did I miss if I missed anything?/ That old-time enclosure/Dark time-trap/The dance sounds in the hole of a hug/Offering or god of the ancients: Saturn receives a chair and a small lantern/A song embodies the only possible reality in an intimate present, disengaging on a splayed bicycle/Do not worry about anything, quiet, why should you worry?/

Among the Galician artists who live abroad, Estela Lloves occupies a particularly relevant position. Trained with Mónica Valenciano, she has been living in Berlin for several years. Artist of the frontier, in this piece she collaborates with the composer Hada Benedito who manages to make music with an old bicycle.

Combining drama, dance, music and circus, Estela creates a moment of extreme freedom and beauty.

Cast & Crew

Direction and choreography: Estela Lloves.

Sound space: Hada Benedito.

Lighting: Antóm Ferreiro.


November, 2016. Festival Seis Cordas. Teatro Ensalle. Vigo