“This work issued from a collaborative project that I developed together with the Egyptian choreographer and dancer Karima Mansour, between the months of September 2004 and June 2006. During this long period, many things happened: trips, meetings, lack of time and moments of intense discussion. In the end, it became impossible. Each one decided to go solo. The première took place in Lisbon in June 2006 at the Alkántara Festival, and the two solos were shown at the same venue, one after the other. I went first and then Karima came second.”

Miguel Pereira, one of the reference choreographers of the new Portuguese dance – together with Vera Mantero, João Fiadeiro and Francisco Camacho – speaks in this piece about the intimacy of creative processes. A lesson on how to work with others, how to share and face ideas, even if the others are reluctant to give us anything in return.

Eleven years later, the piece is still shown in countries around the world and it makes us laugh like the first day.


Cast & Crew

Creation and performance: Miguel Pereira.

Collaboration dramaturgy: Roger Bernat & Rui Catalão.

Wardrobe: Mónica Bertran.

Executive production:  O Rumo do Fumo (Lisbon), Alkantara (Lisbon) and Panorama Rio Dança (RJ).

Co-production: Festival Alkantara 2006, Panorama Rio Dança, O Rumo do Fumo, MAPA – Cel-lula Sant Mori, Jangada de Pedra and Galeria ZDB

Artist residence: CENTA Centro de Estudos de NovaS Tendências Artísticas, Cel-lula Sant Mori and Negócio/ZDB.

Collaborator: European Cultural Foundation, Telemar Brazil).

Support: O Rumo do Fumo is a structure funded by the Ministério da Cultura,  Direcção-geral das Artes.


June, 2006. Festival Alkantara, Lisbon.  Portugal.