If we think of the word Home, each one of us will have a different place in mind. Some may not think of a space, and others will not even want to hear about having one. Perhaps, in the vertigo of contemporary life, this home will change more and more rapidly, as our references, our preferences, our customs change.

This workshop was born with the idea of creating a space in which the individual converges with the collective, a place to start processes, to sow the seeds of future shows, or to simply set a meeting point with different creators to confront stage prospects based on the same concept: reflecting on the home, on the roots, on what is supposed to be our own.

In a world as changing as today’s, where can a home be found? How many homes have we had in recent years? How many had our parents lived in at our age? Can a house be a home? Is the concept more inside or outside of ourselves? Can a film theatre be a home? A rehearsal room? An app? A social medium? A memory? Is a couple a home? Is home really a place to live in fearlessly? Where are our roots? What are we willing to do to defend our homes? And our happiness?

Starting from the biographical material of all the participants, the topic will be approached from different perspectives, as variable as the individuals who live in this meeting space .


These meetings are aimed at those related to on-stage creation (actors/actresses, musicians, performers, directors, playwrights…) and interested in experimenting in the field of drama related to personal biographies.

Registration requires a letter of motivation and a one-page description of the professional profile to be sent to actividades@cidadedacultura.org

Registration is free, subject to evaluation of the profile and motivation letter.

Capacity: 15 vacancies.

Deadline for submission of applications: January 12, 2018. 15:00 h.

Confirmation of acceptance:  January 18, 2018.