In 2014, Mohamed El Khatib witnessed and accompanied the death of his mother. Born in Morocco, he settled in France a long time ago. The family is once again the setting for conflicts between ways of living and in this case, of dying. If the contemporary scene has become full with documents, and this festival has been particularly attentive to such manifestations, the play by El Khatib is more than a piece about death and dialogue between cultures, it is a stage lesson on moderation, on care; a lesson about how to save memory.

A revealing play about French reality. The true dialogue between cultures is surely yet to begin. This work may be a starting point. A tender, brilliant, reconciled piece that takes a position at the difficult moment of death. A work full of pain and humour, where the death of the mother is also celebrating existence, the exercise of memory, and the beginning of a new life.


Cast & Crew

Idea, concept and design: Mohamed El Khatib.

Image and visual environment:  Frédéric Hocké.

Sound environment:  Nicolas Jorio.

Collaborator artist: Thomas Ferrand.

Prodution: L’l, Vanessa Valée.


June, 2015. Festival d’Avignon. France.