This work issues from a stereotyped gesture, a consensual and directed construct as to how things ought to be; it issues from a conscientiously elaborated rule with the intention of maintaining the established order. Dissent is therefore shown as a bad symptom; Huxley’s “free-thinking” in A Brave New World will be a punishment that the individual, or rather the user of this reality, should not self-inflict. Everything is prepared for this experience where the fundamental fact is not to know how to choose between different options since they all follow the same path, but to look for the right place to enjoy full entertainment. 50 minutos de simulación programada is a stage experience developed under the aesthetics of video-games inhabited by two avatars that develop actions linked to their respective cosplay identities. It will be enough with this pair of characters with polarized identities and a scenography that refers us to all those non-places we inhabit daily in order for our internal hard disk to find memory files that are strangely similar to what we witness on stage.

A multi-disciplinary artist born in A Coruña in 1977, his work encompasses the visual arts, film, music and performance.


Cast & Crew

Direction, dramaturgy, script and performance: Félix Fernández.

Choreographical direction: Rut Balvís.

Music: Félix Fernández & Rubeck.

Wardrobe:  Rebeca Durán & Félix Fernández.

Stage advice: Idoia Zabaleta.

Residence: AZALA (January, 2018).

Collaboration:  Fundación Luis Seoane.



Work in progress. Presentación en Escenas do Cambio.