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“A song like Tú que vienes a rondarme justifies an entire album. It also conditions the rest of an album that, even without scratching at the height of that first single, disputes Rosalía the honours of becoming the national debut of what we have in 2017. The song in question takes advantage of  Maria Arnal’s crystal clear voice, from a register similar to that of Silvia Pérez Cruz, for the benefit of a text of folk resonances and mythical references. The electronic nuances, courtesy of Filastine, a Californian installed in Barcelona, do the rest. But in 45 cerebros y un corazón, there is actually room for much more. Heirs of the Mediterranean tradition, and betting on Castilian and Catalan, Maria and Marcel update the song using pop elements, both in the choice of instruments -electric guitar, industrial sounds, etc.- and in their commitment to heterodoxy.” (Luis J Menéndez, El Diario).

Like memory, the main leitmotiv of their acclaimed first album, 45 cerebros y 1 corazón (Fina Estampa, 2017), according to Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, creation is living matter.  And in the same way that they understand authorship as one more step in their project to continue the transmission chain of popular culture, their live performance is a continuous ‘work in progress’ that brings to Escenas do Cambio its most experimental side. New electronic nuances that come out of the privacy of their sound laboratory for the first time, and in real time.


Cast & Crew

Voice:  Maria Arnal.

Guitar: Marcel Bagés.