Who will save me today?

Janet Novás | Galicia – 55 min

12 February - 18.30h – Room 2

“I live in a time and coexist with a society that creates a constant conflict with me. This is one of the main drivers of my work. A tension that makes me find a way to operate within different environments, preserving me, preserving my job. I inquire about how to introduce myself within these environments in which I find my tools. From this place I create devices inviting to enter into my world and inhabit it for a while. A world in which the body becomes an object to merge or prolong itself and reveal the ordinary human being.

Who will save me today? stems from my experiences of today. Born out of an encounter with myself and accepting my experiences and beliefs as a human being. A need to make my work become an exercise in honesty. This is the only thing that saved me and allows me to continue day after day. “How to integrate one (or my) transparent truth and live with it, living in a system where everything is sorted and ordered structurally? How to share my truth and how to accept the truth of others? How many are many and how many are we on our own? Do we need to be saved? Have those who were already been saved? Who will save us? Who will save me today?” Janet Novás.

Who will save me today


Creation and art direction: Janet Novás | Art Assistance: Ricardo Santana | Music: Pergolesi | Original Music: Haru Mari | Performer: Janet Novás | Set Design: Janet Novás | Costumes: Cyril Wicker | Lighting Design: David Picazo.


November 16, 2013, Madrid en Danza, Madrid.