Veracruz, nos estamos deforestando o cómo extrañar Xalapa

chat – Luisa Pardo (Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol) | Mexico –

29 JANUARY - 18.30H – Room 2

Veracruz, nos estamos deforestando o cómo extrañar Xalapa (Veracruz, we are deforesting or how to miss Xalapa) is a conference, a talk, speech, relief. It is watching closely the silenced issue of a state in Mexico, ruled for almost twelve years by an alliance between drug lords and politicians, and from the third decade of the twentieth century has seen no other party in power than the the PRI. Veracruz is where Cortes started on his way to conquer Mexico. Veracruz is the state where Luisa Pardo grew up. Veracruz is a thin strip of land with coast and mountains, a lot of poverty and violence, murder, missing people and silence. Luisa Pardo’s intervention seeks to contain many other voices, images and ideas arising from other people. People who like her, miss their land as a fertile ground for art, critical thinking, for expression, for love, for life.

Luisa Pardo

Luisa Pardo.

Actress, director, producer, chalana and activist. Founder and co-director of the group Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol. With this group, from 2003 until today, she has co-authored eleven stage projects. Acting and/or as assistant director in theater outside of Lagartijas, she has worked with Hugo Arrevillaga, Juliana Faesler, David Hevia, Ana Francis Mor and Miguel Angel Rivera. As actress has worked with Yulene Olaizola, Nicolás Pereda, María Novaro, Paul Leduc, Rubén Imaz, Marise Systach and Alejandro Gerber, among others.

Luisa Pardo gives us a first-hand view of a place where corruption and state are the same thing, where institutional neglect has led to uncontrollable violence, which needs to be made visible and put into words.