Tijuana (Democracy in México from 1965 to 2015)

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol | México – 75 min

28 JANUARY - 18.30H – Room 2

What does democracy in Mexico mean today to almost 50 million people living on the minimum wage? What do we expect from democracy today? What do we expect from politics beyond democracy? The economy influences the way in which we experiment with politics and also whatever expectations we may have.

Based on this premise, Tijuana brings to the stage the experience of Gabino Rodríguez, who for six months becomes Santiago Ramirez, a resident of Tijuana (Baja California), under specific conditions that moved him away from his usual world, with which he had no communication whatsoever while he worked at a factory in the area for the minimum wage. The staging seeks to narrate this experience and to investigate opportunities for representation. Being someone else, attempting to live the life of another person. Impersonate another. Isn’t that what acting is all about?


Lagartijas tiradas al sol

Tijuana is the new creation of Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol, a group of artists called by Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodríguez whose projects are a mechanism to unite work and life, to erase borders. This work seeks to make sense, articulate, dislocate and unravel what everyday practice blends and overlooks. They are the authors of emblematic pieces of documentary drama like El rumor del incendio or Monserrat (presented during the cycle: Material Memoria, at the MARCO in Vigo). Lagartijas invites us once again to learn about the differences between the official story and the real story.


Authorship: Gabino Rodríguez | Directed by: Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol | Cast: Gabino Rodríguez.


World premiere at the Festival Escenas do Cambio 2016, Santiago de Compostela.