Leer y bailar. Os Eidos

Idoia Zabaleta | Euskadi –

7 February - 16.00H – Ascent to Gaiás Centre Museum in the City of Culture of Galicia from the foot of Mount Gaiás

How to keep on dancing today? Well, by reading… How to keep on reading today? By dancing… With this proposal we invite the spectator to attend a danced-reading aloud of the book Os Eidos, written by Uxío Novoneyra in 1955, with the city of Santiago de Compostela as a backdrop and Mount Gaiás as a witness. Continuously flowing, never able to stop. Like pebbles in a stream, read and dance, almost in unison. Read and dance.

Leer e bailar. Os Eidos will be the outcome of the workshop held on the days prior to the performance, in which the choreographer Idoia Zabaleta will explore with the participants their interests around dancing and reading, based on the work Os Eidos by Uxío Novoneyra. “In this workshop I intend to share with the participants an exercise of reviewing the ‘modes of dance’ I’ve practiced to date. By studying this quest I have managed to dissect some elements such as pleasure, exhibition, skill, prowess; others such as writing, history, memory; and others as group, chorus, choreography. An exercise that has lately enabled me to confront some of the difficulties I find when I want to carry on dancing is to read while dancing and/or dance while reading. Such reversibility of the verbs, read-dance/dance-read has released me from some difficulties and, in turn, enabled me to exercise several of the above mentioned elements in one go.”

Ler e bailar. Os eidos

Idoia Zabaleta

Choreographer. At the Faculty of Biology she specialized in ecosystems and population dynamics. She studied new dance and improvisation in Barcelona, Florence, Amsterdam and New York. Since 2000 she co-produces and creates her own work, collaborating with other artists and researchers such as Isabel de Naverán, Filipa Francisco and Antonio Tagliarini. Since 2008 she is building and governing together with Juan Gonzalez the AZALA space for creation and artistic residencies.


Idea: Idoia Zabaleta | Reading of Os Eidos, by Uxío Novoneyra | Performers: Dancers/readers who attended the workshop Leer e bailar. Os Eidos in the days before the show.


World premiere at the festival Escenas do Cambio 2016, Santiago de Compostela.