On decontextualized performers and remote controlled audiences

chat – Stefan Kaegi | Germany –

29 JANUARY - 16.30H – Aula Museo

How to stage living ready-mades and transplant experts onto stages as well as into the grey zone between reality and fiction, using documentary material and theatrical interventions? Stefan Kaegi will show and comment short videos on recent productions of the German theatre label Rimini Protokoll with kazakh oil-drillers, 50 remote controlled spectators, 100 statistically chosen Berliners as well as Indian call centre operators and international weapon dealers.

Stefan Kaegi will tour the history of this group, crucial for understanding a participatory and collaborative future for the performing arts. Art that shows us that our democracy should always be reinvented, rules should always be written, bodies always in motion, because that is the meaning of being alive and of politics, polis, city.

stefan kaegi

Stefan Kaegi

Produces documentary drama, radio programs and works in urban areas in a variety of collaborative partnerships. Using research, public auditions and conceptual processes, he gives voice to ‘experts’ who are not trained actors, but they have something to say. In 2010, Kaegi was awarded the European Prize for Cultural Diversity.