Offending the Audience

Uxía Vaello and Borja Fernández | Galicia – 70 min

4 February - 20.30h – Room 1

“During an interview, Peter Handke was once asked what America meant to him when he was young. The first thing he said was, “Well … Walt Whitman”. For us there are some verses by Walt Whitman that perfectly reflect the spirit of Offending the Audience and the spirit of adolescence.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself;
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

Offending the Audience is Peter Handke. The presence of the author in a text here reaches its maximum consequences. It reminds us of Woody Allen in New York Stories seeing his mother as a giant in the sky. When we first read Offending the Audience to our teenage actors and actresses we didn’t stop talking about Handke. Someone said: “Peter Handke is a little bastard when he writes about actors being wrong or dropping something. What if I’m wrong or I drop something?” The higher Hanke-insults-teens connection is inevitable. They share clairvoyance, magnetism, insolence, freshness and strength.

In this show we deliver this sublime text to a group of boys and girls aged between 14 and 18 years, initiated in drama, so they may take ownership of it in any way they wish to. During the first readings, a magical tone came through, a dynamism and a need for action we cannot escape from. Nor do we wish to. We do not fear the tornado we know it could unleash”. Uxía Vaello and Borja Fernández.


Uxía Vaello and Borja Fernández

The artists, with a history of years in dance, drama and music, were invited by Escenas do Cambio to work with teenagers to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of this basic text of contemporary European drama, now more relevant than ever.


Autor: Peter Handke | Traduction: Catuxa  López Pato  e Sabela López Pato | Dirección e dramaturxia: Borja Fernández e Uxía Vaello | Creación e interpretación: Andrés Negueruela, Ángel García, Carlota Barrenetxea, Elena Ferreiro, Joaquín Serrano, Lia Clementina Vilas, Marcos Álvarez, Marta Casais, Martín Bussolari and Pablo Sangó | Iluminación e vídeo: Laura Iturralde | Espazo sonoro: Borja Fernández | Vestiario: Uxía Vaello | Colaboration: Instituto Goethe Madrid e CGAG | Thanks to: José Arca, Roberto Leal, Daniel Baamonde, Gustavo Dieste, Lupe García Prieto, Adriana Pazos Ottón “Espazo Olalab”.


World premiere at the Festival Escenas do Cambio 2016, Santiago de Compostela.