Inspiracion ou extinción, dúas maneiras de ser Mundo

chat – Oliver Laxe | Galicia –

6 February - 16.30h – Aula Museo

In Inspiracion ou extinción, dúas maneiras de ser Mundo, Oliver Laxe will discuss the poetry of the Sufi sheikh Ibn Arabi with that of the Zen monk Santoka, and two aesthetic contrasting ways of facing the world: one by deepening into the self, the other by annulling it. Two ways to face the world that somehow coexist in each one of us and in our artistic production. Oliver Laxe will show some images of his latest work “Santos # 2” and “As Mimosas”, strongly influenced by these two authors.


Oliver Laxe

Lives and works in Morocco. His first feature Todos vós sodes capitáns was awarded in 2010 in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes with the critics’ prize. As Mimosas is his new film, pending release, a metaphysical western that takes place in the mountains of southern Morocco. He is one of the founders of Zeitun Films.