Marcela Levi | Brazil – 35 min

6 February - 18.30h – Room 2

“Twenty-five meters of pearl necklace, a stuffed bull’s head, hair clips and a bicycle signal are the objects, or rather, the subjects (de-localized, de-functionalized and subjectified objects) she uses in the performance. Seeking the meeting between body (= flesh, symbolic and imaginary) + objects (= symbolic presence of the Other), overflowing, overlapping and generating a sense of movement (direction and meaning). The Other.” Marcela Levi.


Marcela Levi

Brings this time a solo work, included among the ten best performed in 2007 according to the list in Jornal do Brasil. Educated at the Angel Vianna School of Dance (RJ), Levi has been an artist in residence at the Les Récollets arts center (France); at the Artists in Residence Program – Casa Encendida / Aula de Danza and Espacio Cultural Azala (Spain); at the Laboratório de Criatividade Urbana ON.OFF, Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture (Portugal); guest artist at the Rio Occupation London program, at the London Cultural Olympiad, organized by SEC RJ; she has also been awarded the Batiscafo scholarship (Cuba). Her projects have featured at several festivals and art centers in Brazil, Europe and Latin America. In-organic is a piece presented during the last eight years, addressing autonomy, ritual and domestic actions, and the small violence in human relationships. Concept and brutality have never been far, proven by this piece inscribed in the best tradition of Brazilian art, from Lygia Pape to Hélio Oiticica.


Author, director and performer: Marcela Levi | Assistant Director: Lucía Russo | Residencies: Centre International d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets / Paris | Funded by: Rumos Itaú Cultural Dança 2006/2007 and PRÊMIO KLAUSS VIANNA DE DANÇA 2007 sponsored by Petrobras | With the support of: Consulate General of France / Rio de Janeiro, Espaço SESC / Rio de Janeiro and Centre International d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets / Paris | Light technician: Isadora Giuntini | Production: Improvável Produções


2007, Itaú Cultural. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
European premiere at Escenas do Cambio 2016.