Ensaio amor

Nuria Sotelo | Galicia – 60 MIN

4 FEBRUARY - 18.30h – Room 2

Ensaio amor is the result of conciliation, job insecurity and love.

Three young women decide to embark on a scenic project on Ohm’s law, appropriating the signifiers it contains: voltage, current and resistance, to reflect on their different meanings and use them as physical guidelines. Motherhood changes bodies, needs, priorities, resources and timing.

Four women: two dancers, a ‘little person’, and a cellist question themselves as women. What they do with love and for love; questioning their roles as caregivers, mothers and lovers.

Ensaio amor
Ensaio amor

Nuria Sotelo

Supervised by the choreographer Idoia Zabaleta, Ensaio amor came to be at the Residence for Creation of the Galician creator and dancer Nuria Sotelo, conducted from November to December 2015 at the Azala space of creation, in collaboration with Escenas do Cambio, with the aim to create networks and links between new Galician creation and the international scene. With her, the dancer Clara Ferrao, the cellist Macarena Montesinos, and her own daughter Lena Vilanova Sotelo.


Text: Nuria Sotelo, Clara Ferrao, Macarena Montesinos | Director: Nuria Sotelo | Cast: Nuria Rodríguez Sotelo, Clara Ferrao Diz, Macarena Montesinos Fandiño, Lena Vilanova Sotelo | Co-production: Escenas do Cambio-Festival ALT, support by Azala


World premiere at Escenas do Cambio 2016, Santiago de Compostela.