¿De qué otra cosa podríamos hablar?

Areta Bolado, Carolina Fernández, Diana Mera and Tito Rey | Galicia –

4 and 5 february - 16:30h – Aula Museo

In general, creation processes are performed solo, with the premiere being the first time in which the project is exposed to the eyes of others.

We believe exposing processes clearly helps enrich creations, and as artists, enables us to realize what we are doing from the way in which it is received.

¿De qué otra cosa podríamos hablar?

This talk will be the result of the previous work by four Galician artists (Areta Bolado, Carolina Fernandez, Diana Mera and Tito Asorey) with the company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol, in which each participant will be immersed in a series of exercises, aimed at developing ideas belonging to each project.

The goal is to accompany participants in developing their personal projects, with a view to channeling and deepening into the ideas, forms and and themes of each project.