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chat – Isabel de Naverán | Euskadi –

31 January - 12.00H – Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC)

“I’m not telling you so I can remember. On the contrary, I do so to make sure I forget,” says Rabih Mroué. And in order to forget, again and again until the narrative structure of the story is revealed, baring a possible truth: the mechanism of representation. We may wonder if telling the stories of the past of dance does not hide a similar desire “. (Isabel de Naverán).

Isabel de Naverán

Isabél de Naverán

Is a scholar and researcher of the performing arts. She is a member of Bulegoa Zenbaki Barik, an art and knowledge office located in Bilbao, and is part of the research group ARTEA from Madrid. She practices critical essay writing and creating context in what has been called expanded choreography. She has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country; she is a member of the team teaching the Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture (MNCARS, UCLM, Madrid).