Cara Pintada

Janet Novás | Galicia – 45 min

11 February - 18.30h – Room 2

Cara pintada speaks of the essence, of what is real and true that makes a human being. An obsession to keep my body alive, vibrating, constantly seeking opposites to avoid being in an absurd balance that writes me off, extending over time without offering anything in return. The stage of this work is presented as an exhibition of empty frames without any content, in order to give free rein to our imagination. The body enters this framework as yet another object, as a container that is filling, charging and turning until it loses its shape and dissolves into its content. Space, music, voices, objects, lights and shadows form this imaginary game, embedding themselves and extending into the body, thus translating the stories and emotions that arise within, falling into an absurd, ridiculous and surreal state deprived of any narrative element. It is the belief I put in my actions that makes everything make sense, without judgment, without expecting any final outcome.
Cara pintada wishes to invite the spectator to enter into the intimacy of its forms, into the intensity of its gestures and the secrets they hide. “My body as a small country, as an object to represent little stories that become one. Open, thirsty mouths, drowning in their own tears, in their own laughter, deafening, invisible sounds. There is only one objective, to feel something, no matter what.” Janet Novás.

Cara pintada


Direction and performance: Janet Novás | Assistant Director: Ricardo Santana | Original Music: Haru Mari | Other Music: Oldham Roberts & Molina | Costumes: Juana Rodriguez | Lighting design: Pedro Fresneda and Anton Ferreiro | Lighting technician: Paloma Parra | Photography: Piti Prieto and Juan Adrio | Promotional and full video: Tío Mardalina | Collaboration: Provisional Danza and Centro Cultural García Lorca (Brussels).


June 4, 2010, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo-Pontevedra.