Patricia Caballero | Andalusia – 70 min.

5 February - 18.30h – Room 2

“Exiting from within, within the whole of me. And stopping the world, my world. Something is now breathing for me. With my lungs full of joy and opening the doors to my private lands, I move, I move, I move, I move… And so I stay alive. So I wonder for being here, here, here, greeting all that lies ahead. Thank you for remembering me among your loved ones, where my eyes must be. Thanks to gravity for always reminding me where my feet should be.” This is what Patricia Caballero speaks of her latest creation.


Patricia Caballero

The presence of Patricia made a difference, an energy not recognizable in the panorama of Spain’s performing arts. With an elaborate speech rooted in the art of her land, flamenco, and working with vital truth and attitude. With Aquí gloria y después paz, one of her pieces of reference in recent years, she took part in the cycle on Loie Fuller at La Casa Encendida, and in recent years she has worked directing Israel Galván. Educated in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, creator of unique devices, Patricia’s pieces define risk, always open to the presence of others, always willing for everything to pass, for everything to change.

Barrunto is the first production made in collaboration between Escenas do Cambio and the Festival BAD in Bilbao, with the aim to promote radically free young artists who are committed to research and risk over and above the idea of just show. The fragility of pieces like Barrunto is immensely powerful, a space that opens, the intimacy of a young mother proving she has nothing to lose, everything to live.


Created and performed by: Patricia Caballero | Artistic accompaniment: Balbina and Lipi Hernández Parra | Lighting: Ruben Camacho | Co-production: Festival BAD and Escenas do Cambio | Support: Espacio Vacío, Colectivo Arriero, La Bicha Merana, La Fragua, Hogar de San Fernando, A Negro Producciones and Teatro Central | Acknowledgements: Dania Laura Frías, Cristina Caballero, Adrian Frias, Judith Mata, Israel Galván, Niño de Elche, Nono García, Jorge Gallardo, Rocío Guzmán, Daniel Benegassi, Fran and Diego Martínez, Charo Martín, Isabel López, Teresa Andino and Germana Giannini.

Co-production: Festival BAD and Escenas do Cambio.


October 31, 2015, BAD (Bilbao Antzerkia Dantza), Bilbao.