Rocío Molina and Rosario La Tremendita | Andalusia – 75 min

13 February - 20.30h – Room 1

Afectos (affections) is a reflection by Rocío Molina and Rosario La Tremendita based on the struggle of being and the ability to find simplicity, naturalness and confidence through existence. An emotional work where silence, vibration, sound textures, aesthetics, echoes, voice, dance and the stage walk a path of deep search into the depths of each one. Afectos exposes its own research to explain that imperfection is perfect. Delving into the hardness of emotion, the fragility of pain and pleasure found. Challenging truths and believing lies is what these two artists defend in this joint proposal.


Rocío Molina

An iconoclastic choreographer, Rocío Molina has coined a language grounded in the tradition of flamenco reinvented, respecting its essence and embracing the avant-garde. Radically free, her pieces combine technical virtuosity, contemporary research and conceptual risk. She has shared her career with great flamenco artists like María Pagés, Miguel Poveda, Antonio Canales and Israel Galván. Rocío Molina belongs to a lineage of dancers and choreographers whose reason for being is research, fusion and questioning tradition. Afectos -affections, concert and dance, is warmth in the winter of Gaiás, a summary and a grand finale for Escenas do Cambio 2016.


Original idea: Rocío Molina, Rosario La Tremendita | Music: Rosario La Tremendita. Paul Martin | Choreography: Rocío Molina | Conducted by Rosario La Tremendita | Responsible for dramaturgy, set design and lighting design: Carlos Marquerie | Wardrobe: Mai Canto | Sound Design: Javier Alvarez, Pablo Martin | Prop design and production: Iñaki Elso Torralba | Photography: Tamara Pinco | Address: Loïc Bastos | Administration: Magdalena Escoriza | Cast: Rocío Molina, dancing. Rosario La Tremendita, singing and guitar. Paul Martin, bass and loops.


20  October 2012 at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.